Infrared Home Inspection

infrared home inspectionAn infrared scan can often identify issues that are not visible with the naked eye. The infrared camera “sees” wavelengths of light that human eyes cannot. These wavelengths are converted to a visible spectrum and displayed on the camera’s screen and it its photos. Issues commonly found include heat loss with heating systems and insulation gaps, cooling problems with gaps in duct-work, moisture problems in ceilings and walls, and electrical overheating problems.

An infrared Quick Scan can be useful to find problems. The client gets to see the images on the camera and benefits from the analysis and opinion of a trained Thermographer. There is no written report with this option and its cost is less.

Full Scan with Report
The full infrared scan and report includes everything in the Quick Scan except that infrared photos and standard digital photos are taken of problem areas and assembled in an easy to read report.

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