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American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

ASHI’s Web site,, is the definitive resource for inspectors, consumers, real estate professionals and the media for information, advice and resources dedicated to home inspection. Here you’ll find a wealth of shared ASHI home inspection knowledge at your disposal.

Radon Information and the EPA

Inform yourself about Radon gas and learn why its important to have a radon test performed during the home inspection process.


Radalink is the service and equipment we rely on for alll of our Radon testing. Radalink has the most complete radon information for: Real Estate Agents, Home Buyers & Sellers, Professional Home Inspectors, and Relocation Coordinators. With more than a thousand professional technicians in over 350 locations across America, Radalink is the World’s Largest Radon Testing Network.

Chapin Environmental

Do you have your Radon Test results and are now in need of radon mitigation specialist?  Chapin Environmental has radon removal specialists with over 20 years of radon mitigation experience based in Holliston, Massachusetts. All their radon mitigation systems adhere to the EPA guidelines for these systems. In order to avoid any conflict of interest they do not do radon testing. They are fully licensed and insured and have hundreds of references from happy customers.  If you have your radon test results contact them for a free estimate that will include a guarantee that the proposed system will reduce the radon levels to well below the EPA radon guideline.

Over Head Door Co.

The Overhead Door Corporation invented the first upward acting garage door in 1921 and the first automatic garage door opener in 1926. This history and heritage is the backbone of every Overhead Door Distributor and underscores their commitment to bring the customer the maximum value for their investment in our products and services.


Are you considering installing a new roof?  Are you experiencing ice damming on your roof? Check out this site for information on this damming issue and a possible remedy.


Environmental information concerning homeowners.

Tips to Buying a Home

Explore these helpful tip to buying your Home.

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